Palin Granit Oy is the leading producer of high-quality Finnish granite blocks. The family-owned company is founded on time-honored traditions, competent personnel, high quality, and guaranteed availability of the materials.

From our large range of granites we are able to fulfil the most demanding requirements of the leading stone manufacturers around the world. The high quality of our granite, ample resources, and expertise in logistics all stand up to the strict demands of our customers.

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Cooperation and partnership with Lundhs has made our sales and marketing team stronger than ever. At the beginning of 2014 we joined forces with Lundhs, a Norwegian granite quarrier, on sales and marketing. This has made our skilled and professional sales team not only bigger, but even more connected all over the world. Lundhs is responsible for the marketing and sales of Palin Granit’s products in a majority of markets.

Customers can always count on our expertise in finding the right products at competitive prices. When selecting their stone of choice, the customer can rest assured that the same material will be available for decades. Owning our quarries guarantees reliable deliveries and consistent quality for our customers. Our granites can be ordered for massive building projects, gravestones or interior design. Through our partner Lundhs we also offer information on project design and assist the end users in finding the best possible contacts.

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It’s our nature. The diversity of Finnish nature, beauty of the landscape and clean groundwater are important issues for us and our stakeholders. Therefore, we take them into consideration in all our activities and carefully study and evaluate the environmental impacts of our quarries. Modern technology is utilized in the quarrying process and the work is carried out in accordance with international standards. Granite block quarrying is also strictly regulated by Finnish legislation.

The know-how, experience and dedication of employees is our prime asset. By employing experienced personnel and implementing suitable tools and machinery for all processes, we ensure compliance with safe working practices and environmental codes, promote work wellbeing, and increase customer satisfaction through high quality of products and services. Regular assessment of the requirement for further training ensures that our employees remain fully qualified.