The beginning of the company history takes us back to 1921 when a travelling stonemason Antti Palin founded a stone workshop in Loimaa, Finland.

The rough blocks of stone were transported to Loimaa by railway and then driven by horse-drawn carriages to the workshop. Antti Palin’s skilled hands crafted the stones into gravestones and majestic stone designs for family graves.

Reino and Martti Palin

The second generation initiated quarry operations

In 1958 the first generation gave room for the second and Antti Palin’s sons, Martti and Reino stepped in. The brothers had already been working alongside their father for years and had the will to make the company the best in the business. During those times stone industry was facing great changes – handiwork was no longer productive and the time had come to invest in machinery.

Under Martti and Reino’s energetic initiative, the production expanded from gravestones and building stones to decorative stones and sculptures. Also, as the good reputation of Finnish granite spread, the brothers saw a new possibility in business and thus, in 1975 made a historical decision and bought their first own quarry. The extracted red granite, later named Balmoral, was exported primarily to France and Italy. During the following ten years the Palins invested in new quarries, both in quantity and quality. They made a lot of research on the quarrying industry to find the best possible practices and invested heavily on new machinery.

Antti and Heikki Palin

Global suppliers by third generation

Heikki Palin, a member of the third generation, was appointed Managing Director in 1989. Like the preceding generation, also Heikki had by then already gained experience in the company for several years. Since his taking over, the family firm has invested in and expanded the quarrying division, owning 15 quarries today.

The fourth generation, Heikki’s daughters Maria and Kira, are already strongly committed to developing the family business further as part-owners.



In 2014 Palin Granit Oy joined forces with Lundhs AS, a Norwegian family company with long traditions in the granite quarrying business. The companies signed a cooperation agreement on the sales and marketing of Palin Granit’s stones. In conjunction with the agreement, Lundhs also acquired 40 per cent ownership of Palin Granit. Together Palin Granit and Lundhs are the largest quarrier and marketer of granite blocks in Northern Europe.