Erkka Lehto awarded

Finnish Natural Stone Association awarded in Helsinki 20.3.2014 developers of Finnish natural stone quarrying.

The awarded from the left are: the son Pasi and wife Eila of Veli Juhani Hänninen, Ismo Kainu, Tommi Kainu, Erkka Lehto, and the son Jukka of Jaakko Tielinen.

The international rise of the stone industry in Finland began in 1970’s. Wheel loaders and hydraulic drilling equipments came to replace the previously used wooden faucets and pneumatic drills. Also line and horizontal drilling was introduced. Developments took place also in wedging: a hydraulic wedging was developed. Furthermore, a change occurred in the use of explosives: the gun powder was replaced by pipe charges and detonating cord. The extraction method was refined further and already at the end of the 1980’s, this multi-step industrial process came to be internationally known as the “Finnish method”.

The executive board of the Finnish Natural Stone Association awarded the key developers of the Finnish natural stone quarrying with individual diplomas. Along others, Erkka Lehto from Palin Granit Oy was awarded for his life-time contribution for the natural stone quarrying.