Material description

Eagle Red is a medium-grained, uniform, dark red material originating from Kotka. This stone is ideal for building projects and widely used for kitchen countertops, monuments and tiles. Eagle Red is a highly favored material, especially in the Far East and the USA.

Technical properties

EN_13755 Water absorption 0.15 %
EN_1936 Apparent density 2630 kg/m3
EN_12372 Flexural strength, fresh material 12.4 MPa
EN_12372 Flexural strength, material after freeze-thaw cycles* 11.6 MPa
EN_1926 Compressive strength 183 MPa
EN_14157 Abrasion resistance 17 mm
EN_13364 Breaking load at dowel hole 2500 N
* after 56 cycles (tested 2016)

Mineral content

Quartz 43.0 Wt %
K-feldspar 29.8 Wt %
Plagioclase 18.2 Wt %
Biotite 7.2 Wt %
Accessory minerals 1.8 Wt %