Material description

The variegated Omega stone, extracted from a quarry in Lieto, is slightly lighter in colour and more coarsely grained than Lieto Red. Omega is widely used for gravestones and interior decoration, as well as for exterior spaces.

Technical properties

EN_13755 Water absorption 0.12 %
EN_1936 Apparent density 2620 kg/m3
EN_12372 Flexural strength 16.2 Mpa
EN_12371 Frost resistance, change of flexural strength (after 48 freeze-thaw cycles) -6.2 %
EN_1926 Compressive strength 180 Mpa
EN_14157 Abrasion resistance 17 mm
EN_13364 Breaking load at dowel hole 3050 N
* after 56 cycles (tested 2016)

Mineral content

K-feldspar 40.8 Wt %
Quartz 33.8 Wt %
Plagioclase 22.0 Wt %
Biotite 3.2 Wt %
Accessory minerals 0.1 Wt %