Palin’s granite at the new Helsinki metro

The Helsinki metro network will be extended towards the west with altogether 13 new stations. Finnish natural stone in all its forms is used in many of these new stations and one of them, Koivusaari station, is covered from top ‘til toe with Palin’s Aurora. The material has been manufactured by SKT-Granit Oy and assembled by Kivipaasi Oy.

The Koivusaari metro station's escalator is the longest one in Finland. A wall of Aurora covers the whole way down.

According to the lead architect of the station, Jutta Haarti-Katajainen from Helin & Co. Oy the reason to choose Aurora as the main material for the project was threefold. First of all the station was to be built of a long-lasting, durable material that would age beautifully. The material was also to be easy to clean and maintain. Secondly, the architect considered the environment in which the station would be situated and finally, it was important that the material fit the main theme of the Koivusaari station: sea and water.

Aurora granite was thus chosen due to its beauty, quality and suitability for the project. The reddish granite indeed sits perfectly next to Helsinki’s coastline with its red-brown rocks and the nautical theme is vivid especially in the wall beside the escalator (that is actually the longest one in Finland!), painting a picture of waves in the sea.

The Koivusaari metro construction site was awarded the Construction Site of the Year award in 2015.

The outside of the station is also mostly cladded wih Aurora.