PG Black quarry sold to Loimaan Kivi

Palin Granit Oy has sold its Varpaisjärvi-based PG Black quarry to Loimaan Kivi Oy. Loimaan Kivi, a Finnish company mainly concentrated on stone manufacturing, has recently expanded its operations into quarrying.

The transaction completes Palin Granit’s strategic aim of streamlining business and focusing solely on quarrying. “At the PG Black quarry we have mainly performed sawing of 15 cm slabs for the monument industry. The quarry was originally acquired to ensure the supply of black material for the manufacturing business we were involved in at the time. However, for several years now our core business has been raw material production,” says Heikki Palin, Palin Granit’s Managing Director.

According to Mikko Paljakka, Managing Director of Loimaan Kivi, the decision to purchase the PG Black quarry was easy to make. “Black stone is very important to us and the acquisition of this quarry strongly benefits our business. Besides getting a great addition to our portfolio of materials, we also gained a professional and experienced quarry team, whom we have known for a long time. We are excited to continue developing the quarry even further,” says Paljakka.

According to the terms of the agreement, Palin Granit will continue to be in charge of the export sales of PG Black, while domestic sales is managed by Loimaan Kivi. The entire staff of the PG Black quarry was transferred to the service of Loimaan Kivi as existing employees.