Recovery rate at Aurora quarry in Mäntsälä is more than 100 %

Our Aurora quarry, located in Mäntsälä, 60 km North-East of Helsinki has our best recovery rate. We are proud to say it is even more than 100 % since we are utilizing not only currently produced leftover stone, but also stone, that we quarried before. “The sub-contract for leftover stone was made around twenty years ago with Konevuori Oy. They have since then increased the market for this reddish gravel by themselves. Recovery rate has now been 100 % for somewhat three years”, says Technical Director Pauli Salmela.

The Aurora quarry is located in Mäntsälä, 60 km from Helsinki.

Reijo Wuorio, the Managing Director of Konevuori Oy says that there are three major reasons behind the success story of this quarry and the recycling of leftover stone. First of all, location, location, location. Being situated so close to the capital as well as other relevant cities, the market for gravel is much higher than anywhere else in Finland. From the Aurora quarry 200.000 tons of gravel is transported to closeby places every year. Secondly, Wuorio states, during production it is of utmost importance to separate stone from other possible leftover materials. Otherwise the stone becomes non-utilizable. Finally Wuorio wishes to remind that this process hasn’t been perfected overnight. It has required time and effort, but it certainly seems they’ve paid off!